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Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program

The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of WellSpan York Hospital offers a three-year program involving direct patient care and a combination of didactic education and clinical research leading to board eligibility in Maternal-Fetal Medicine.  Three total fellowships positions (one per year).

The general breakdown of the fellowship is as follows:

Year 1 – The first year is structured as an integrative experience where the fellow will alternate on monthly blocks between the Antenatal Testing Center and the In-hospital Service.

Year 2 – One month Genetics rotation, two-month rotation at the Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy Center and the remaining months will alternate between the Antenatal  Testing Center and In-Hospital Service.

Year 3 – The fellow will have up to two months of electives, two three-month blocks (six months research total) dedicated to research and will have on-call responsibilities as well as Chief Fellow administrative responsibilities.

Rotations are scheduled in the second and third years at the Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Institute for Medical Genetics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Our program includes:

  • Complete maternal and fetal risk assessment and management of pre-conceptual, prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum complications
  • A full range of fetal diagnostic ultrasound and antenatal testing, with accreditation through the AIUM
  • Fetal echocardiography lab, directed by MFM and is independently accredited through the ICAWL
  • Invasive maternal and fetal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures including
    • Amniocentesis
    • CVS (transvaginal and transabdominal routes)
    • Fetal vesicocentesis/thoracentesis
    • Cordocentesis
    • Fetal transfusion medicine
  • Surgical training in the placement of elective and emergent/rescue cerclage and prophylactic cervico-isthmicc permanent cerclage
  • MFM provides the majority of management of gestational and pre-existing diabetes for the south central PA region – in addition to consultation and management of pre-existing maternal and obstetrical medical complications.
  • Outpatient training is through Women’s Imaging Services (antenatal testing center) and also supervision of the resident High Risk OB Clinic

Research is an integral part of Women & Children Services and OB/MFM departments at WellSpan York Hospital.  There is comprehensive research support through the Emig Research Center at York Hospital, which includes assistance in study planning, research coordination, IRB submissions, data collection, statistical analysis and interpretation and medical writing.

The maternal transport service is very active and utilizes ground and air ambulance transfer.

In-hospital care is done on labor and delivery and a dedicated antepartum unit with central fetal monitoring.  The hospital service involves consultative medicine as well as patient management on the MFM service.  Obstetrical intensive care is provided directly by MFM in the surgical transitional ICU and in collaboration with the intensive care service in the medical ICU.

MFM and WellSpan York Hospital are a regional center for the management of diabetes in pregnancy.
Affiliation:  Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

The perinatal center staff includes:

  • 4 MFM physicians
  • Certified perinatal sonographers
  • Genetic counselors
  • Perinatal nurse practitioner
  • Antenatal testing personnel

Questions regarding the program can be directed to Diane Myers, 717-851-3885 or dmyers13@wellspan.org or the MFM program director, James Hole, DO, 717-851-2722.